• Mon bouton 2

    Mon bouton 2

    Puis sa

    Mon bouton 2

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    Mon bouton 2

    Voici mon bouton de mon blog principal ils vous plait???

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    Piz Profil de Piz
    Lundi 29 Octobre 2012 à 18:18

    le dernier !! <3

    Lundi 29 Octobre 2012 à 19:00

    Oui j'ai mis les 3 etape de mon montage


    Jeudi 8 Novembre 2012 à 11:43
    Sadly, a large percentage of Americans would seclet Denny's instead of a specialty place every time. Some of my friends and family members would be amongst those going to Denny's and they would probably order the same thing every time they go. If Americans didn't have the preference for plain food, the chain places would never have grown so much. My question is whether the typical Japanese would eat/slurp at an ordinary Ramen soup restaurant or would they try the speciality foods like Mexican, French or Italian?
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